Off course! we are 100% legitimate paid task site. It means you need to perform some easy task (watch video) to earn money. We will pay you as soon as you reach withdrawal amount into your account.
Currently our website currency is only in NPR (Rs.) but we will deal with international advertiser and publisher in other preferred currency being basis on currency exchange rate issued by State Bank of Nepal. But, some additional charge may apply for that.
Coins are our virtual currency rewards for tasks completed on our website, which can be converted in real money, received by payment methods offered on our website.
You will receive coins by watching all videos that are listed for watch into our website. However, for earning coins you must watch the video till the minimum time frame that are mentioned into video campaign. For example, if the video campaign is of 10 sec. you need to watch video at least 10 seconds. But, if video campaign is of 2 hours then you have to watch it till 2 hours. Otherwise you will not earn coin anymore.
You are allowed to register and use only one account. If you register more than 1 account, we will disable your all accounts for lifetime!
After you place a withdrawal request, you will get paid within 7 working days! Sometime it may take up to 2 weeks in case some technical issues occurs.
We have default bank wire transfer payment gateway at this time. It means you need to deposit money into our bank account that come with invoice to pay our bill. Additionally, you may also sent payments into our eSewa, Khalti or IME Pay account at 9817106847 (if you are user from Nepal). We will pay our publisher in various methods that our publisher prefer as per live communication.
We will convert currency being basis on this exchange rate while dealing with our international business partner (including advertiser and publisher).
Exchange rate are indicative of Central Bank of Nepal. The rates may change slightly anytime during the business hour without prior information. We bears no liability to any financial loss due to fluctuation of foreign exchange rates. View Today's Exchange Rate
After you have enough coins (minimum withdrawal), go to withdrawal page, chose the amount of coins you want to convert and choose your desired payment method and place an withdraw request. We will review your request and send the money within 24 hours. (Sometime it may take up to 7 working days if some legal conflicts appear.)
We haven't developed ios app yet but we're excited to announce that the SMG Video Promotion official android app is now available on to free download! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD